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In the present world no one can continue to exist in the long run without change management and adapting towards the paradigm shifts. House of Ittehad understands this notion and for that reason it has always put itself forward for something new and resourceful. At present, House of Ittehad is one of the influential market leaders and it has maintained this position by reflecting on the fundamental constituents of the industry.

As we know, globalization has accelerated the pace for competitiveness which calls for something upbeat in actual spirit and that's why new ideas and concepts are in practice in this day and age. Therefore, everyone is making efforts to prove its worth to present something ground-breaking that also serves the purpose of human welfare. This brings our attention towards "Corporate Social Responsibility" which is one of the most serious issues prevailing in the corporate world in the current scenario. House of Ittehad holds the opinion that it cannot fulfill its true responsibility unless something meaningful has been done for the society and community benefit. It realizes the significant rudiments of Corporate Social Responsibility and this visionary view is not just confined to idealistic words but transforming them into authentic and productive action is its imperative tasks.